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Sour: Nathan Gray & Co

Art, expression and sport collide in this project that is actively serving friendship and peace amidst a climate of separation and phobia. In a world where there are chasms between faiths, in city and community, this group are interested in what unites them; and that, in a word, is skateboarding.

Sour is a film project directed by Nathan Gray, among other things a skater, photographer and designer. The idea behind the project is simple: people doing things they love with people they are not supposed to like. You can see the trailer here.

The film was shot during the Israel/Lebanon war is 2006 in both Jordan and Israel and shows young skaters from both sides of the war enjoying their favorite pasttime together. Other artists in the project hail from Saudi Arabia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and the US. The film shows a peace process active and thriving on the streets and amongst the youth.

Sour is scheduled for involvement at the Arab American Film Festival, Bend Festival in Oregon, and you can see other screening details here.

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